JOINT VENTURE PARTNERS International, Inc. ("JVP") is a privately owned U.S.-based investment banking and corporate finance advisory firm. JVP was established in 1986 to provide small, mid-size and mature private and public companies with corporate development and finance advisory services including management consulting in merger, acquisition, divestiture and capital placement transactions. In addition, JVP manages an international product sourcing and marketing business through our Shanghai and Hong Kong facilities via our network of factory affiliations in Asia. We focus on developing successful relationships between domestic companies and investors and compatible foreign entities. One of our objectives is to achieve long-term appreciation for all parties as we maximize domestic and foreign business opportunities through our business entities.




Our network of professional associates worldwide provides a wide range of services for investors and businesses in the U.S. and abroad. Our principals and associates have broad, direct, domestic and international business experience in various industries and disciplines. As a result, JVP has the entrepreneurial approach to business that is necessary in today's competitive domestic and international market place. We are highly qualified to work with domestic and international companies and investors to achieve their business goals and objectives. We are particularly interested in assisting established businesses meet the challenges encountered due to reengineering requirements, critical growth stages and international expansion. And finally, companies and investors may benefit from participating in one or more our organizational programs by enlisting in one or more of our offerings or services.